Saturday, February 10, 2007

The One with being a proper grown up again (boo!)

So... loving Sydney (despite having had a real culture shock at first after NZ), and have therefore decided to stay an extra month to work, which means that everything will be shoved back a month, and I therefore won't be home until the first week in September!

With that decision made, our first priority was getting accomodation as I am totally over sleeping in top bunks, in rooms where people are hideously messy and wake me up at all hours. Plus it would be a real novelty to unpack my bag, and have homes for things.

Helen and I don't mess about. Within a week we had found a house - 5 minutes walk from the central station, in Surry Hills, with free Internet, and a lovely kitchen. We are sharing the house with 4 others Mac, Jodie, Lisa, and Katie (3 twin rooms). Our room is in the basement, off the kitchen, which is handy for breakfast in bed, and cups of tea, but also means we are under the living room, so still get woken up when people come in after a late night - but at least it's not bunk beds! Also, with a lack of much natural light it also means it's the coolest room in the house (and even then we need our fan on the hot evenings!)

Next job - a job. We signed up to an agency, and by the time we left we had 7 days employment! 5 of us stayed behind for the opportunity of two positions at the Insight University enrolling students, and the lovely irish guy had put in a good word for us, so despite needing to do Data entry testing (of which Saracens has set me in good stead!), the job was ours!

So with new "school" shoes bought, and back in a blouse and smart trousers for the first time in nearly 6 months it was off to work we go!

The job itself was pretty stress free. Enrolling students into their preferred time tables, and pacifying them if they got a bit narky if they couldn't get all 20 hours on one day! I'm sure I wasn't that much trouble when I was a student. More importantly we made some great friends on this one week's work. Luke - an aussie English, Dance and Drama teacher, Helena - an aussie English Student, and fellow travellers Suzanne - from Norwich, and Lincoln a northern monkey who's been living here for 2 years. I'm sure you'll be seeing much more of these guys in upcoming blogs...

Luke made me laugh, as when students started getting agro he stopped them with the phrase "You're not listening to me.." He was right... they weren't... but I was, and tallying the number of times he said it to keep myself amused. It's somewhat of a catchphrase amongst us all now!

So I have a routine once more, and although I am still searching for a more permanent role for the 2 months, I am still getting work day by day, and loving the fact that by being a temp I can leave work in the office at the end of the day and relax!

I've also got rather hooked on Australian TV. Loving seeing Neighbours every day, and the Biggest Loser - a weight loss reality TV kind of show, which is addictive viewing.

Loving being a resident, and hopefully will still get time to "do" the rest of Sydney, as I still haven't been to Bondi yet - although H and I have been given 2 free body boards, so I think it will be inevitable that we will end up living on the beach at some point!
The photos from top to bottom are: Either end of the Living room (bathroom is the door at the end) H is using our free internet! - The Kitchen (sadly not always this clean!), and H and my room - Rod sent me some pictures to cheer the place up a bit, and h enjoying a cup of tea on her bed! it's basic - but its home - and we've made ourselves very comfortable!

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