Sunday, October 1, 2006

The One in Stinky LA

As you can probably tell by my loving title - I do not like LA. It is dirty, grubby, and tacky. I know that this sounds ironic having loved Vegas - but Vegas is proud of it's tackiness - you know it will be tacky - it screams "look at me - don't you just love how tacky I am " and we all yell Yes in unison.

LA in comparison, yells from the TV - "look at me I'm the epitomy of glamour and sex appeal, I am so beautiful, and rich" - and when you get there you feel like filing under the trading standards for false advertising. Where was the dirt and smog and bad souveniers on the TV? - probably swept under the red carpet for the few nights a year of the Oscars.

That aside we saw the Hollywood homes and sites (some a little dubious - to be honest Joe Bloggs could have lived there and we wouldn't know any different), we saw the walk of fame, and the footprints of Chinese Theatre, and we saw the big Hollywood sign (which is the epitomy of Hollywood itself - really famous, and an icon for the film industry but actually originally an advetisement for real estate!)

Two main highlights. A really amazing thai resturarant on Sunset, and watching (laughing!) at the 1970's Dawn of the Dead at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I know. It's weird. Watching a zombie film in a cemetery. At Night. But it was so cool. Surrounded by hundreds of people better prepared than us with picnics and duvets and candles. who all knew the film and where the key lines were and cheered. And to be honest ... it's hard to be scared when the zombies are wearing a small amount of blue make up and walking woodenly around a shopping centre!

Anyway... Sadly we have to go back to LA, but we were very glad to leave.

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