Thursday, September 28, 2006

The One with the Dam Tour and the Road Trip

On Thursday we headed on a trip (full of Silver tops) to the Hoover Dam.

we saw Lake Mead (110 miles long with 550 miles of shoreline and 80 Ft below it's full level), and the concrete monstrosity of the Hoover Dam which creates hydro electric power, and controls the water for 6 states.

We did a tour and saw how it was built and how it works (Far too science based to put on here but I will explain if not knowing is keeping you awake at night!)

We then went for an all you can eat buffet lunch (Vegetables at last) which H and I had a fair stab at!

On the way back a quick stop at Ethel M's Chocolate factory (Mrs Mars) which was disappointing to say the least, and then a 2 hour HOUR drive down the strip dropping all the wrinkly's off. It was a good trip but certainly not my highlight of the last 3 weeks!

Being a cheeky so and so I had managed to blag H and I a lift to LA with Scott and Justin - Guys you are both absolute legends!

They even gave us a mini guided tour of LA (Mulholland Drive and the best Thai restuarant etc) when we got there.

Both Film Majors, Justin has just finished his first movie which will hopefully tour the festivals next year. So in thanks, here's a bit of free publicity! - Please check out their website See you in San Fran for some Soy Beer and Soy Vegetables!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I've just caught up with all your blogs to date. You're having a great time and I'm glad you liked Bryce Canyon. It's a text book example !
I'll write at length via email