Thursday, September 21, 2006

The one with the 3 day Train Trip!

Believe me - 3 days on a train did not fill me with a sense of anticipation and excitement but it was actually really good fun!

We stopped for 11 hours in Buffalo (shopping with no money is NOT FUN,- but we did find a cinema with tickets just $3 - one pound fifty!) then traveled through the night to Chicago, on a train full of Amish families - they really look like something out of history in their bonnets and pinafores, and the men with their long beards (but no military moustaches!)and wide brimmed hats

Running late, we only had a 3 hour stop in Chicago which meant we couldn't see any of it (boo!)and then we boarded for the biggy. 36 hours on the train to Salt Lake City.

But to be honest it was great. Loads of room on the seats, you get to see the countryside, there were family films and a observation deck for views.

On the lst day we traveled through the Colorado Rockies - topped with Snow, with the trees showing their autumnal (fall!) colours, especially the bright yellow Aspens.

We traveled alongside the Colorado River (and got mooned by several fishermen!) and eventually ended up in Salt Lake City with its Mormon Temple lit up in the middle of Town.

From here it was a nine hour bus ride to Vegas - which rose out of the desert like a mirage.

Sleeping in a bed, and having a shower that night were pure bliss!

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