Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The One in Darwin

The 27 hour bus ride on Greyhound was an eye opener in itself. I barely slept, but this did mean that I saw Kangaroos and Cows that crossed our path.

The Greyhound coach is also used by Australia Post, so our poor bus driver had to keep stopping at random and deserted mailboxes to drop off and collect post. Some of these were homes to aboriginal communities, and when we left Broom the majority of people on the bus were Aboriginal.

The next day the landscape has changed. We are driving through the Kimberley's, and far from the empty Bushland we'd been driving through further south, this landscape was hilly, and much more like South America. Australia is so diverse, and literally has everything - Mammals and Marsupials that are only found here, and some of the most deadly on earth, Desert, Rainforest, Mountains, Snow - you name they have it. Although I could have flown home quicker than this bus journey, I was really glad we took it!

So, I'm in Darwin, and it's stinking, hot and humid. We head out and about town, and also find that nothing is well signposted. We head to the Botanic Gardens and follow signs to the museum, which promptly stop in the middle of nowhere. Hot and disgruntled my first impression of Darwin is not a good one!

That afternoon we head to Aquascene and go to feed the fish.

At high tide the shallow waters here are full of Mullet, Catfish, Milkfish, Moonfish, and even a couple of Barramundi. You stand on steps up to your calves in the water and feed the fish stale bread. We got soaked in the process and i'm ashamed to say I squealed like a child when they mistook my knuckles for bread, but it was amazing to get so close to these fish!...

Maybe Darwin isn't so bad after all...