Friday, November 24, 2006

The One with the Snorkel

With the annoyance of finding that my Credit Card had been fraudulently used, and then with heat, bites, hair that looks like Monica in the Bahamas, and no phone cards in the whole of Bonito, I did not get off to a good start with the town.

However, we headed off for a day of snorkelling and looking at fish! On the way we saw two giant Ant eaters ambling through a field like giant rugs on legs! A rare sight indeed!

In the ever becoming wetsuit, (H had a frog in the foot of hers!) we headed to the edge of the jungle for a walk through the mosi ridden area, stopping to spot the alien looking Tapir on the way, and narrowly avoiding a rattlesnake!

With the lesson on breathing given we went for our first float (we can´t kick, only use our arms in the river) through the crystal clear waters, looking at the fish and trying not to hum "under the sea" from the little mermaid! We also spotted a caymen eyeing us eagerly from the bank side. Great!

The current carries you down stream, and at parts we had to negotiate rapids, and going under a fallen tree, as well as fish that nibble your legs. They are cleaning fish and like mosquito bites. I must have had too many for them to tak eon as they barely touched me!

Eventually the small tributary leads to the big river, where there is a noticeable drop in temperature,a dn you swim the last section.

After an amazing lunch it was time to snooze in the bus again on the way back to the hotel.

Our second day in Bonito was decidely lazy, and we then caught a night bus to Foz de Iguassu

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